BCN3D Sigmax 

Scale up your projects. Because sometimes size matters, the Sigmax features a massive printing volume of 420x297x210mm. Produce larger-scale functional parts and get rid of dividing or scaling down models: volume will be no longer a limitation. 

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BCN3D Sigma

Open filament system, unlimited versatility With its optimized full metal hotends the Sigma can print any material you need to fit your requirements, from the common PLA to the most advanced technical plastics like Nylon or PC, independently the manufacturer.

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Zmorph Multitool

Three different fabrication methods and dozens of available materials. The most versatile and the most practical multitool 3D printer on the market. Accuracy measured in microns, industrial grade repeatability, and surface quality felt in touch.

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Octofiber Filaments

Get all color goodness. Octofiber filament works with every common 3D printer.  Our current portfolio contains 14 colors, metallic and glow-in-the dark effects and many more coming. Available in both transparent as well as opaque.

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Esun Filaments

With the exclusive professional formulas and professional production lines, ESUN 3D filament is characterized by absolutely round shape, accurate diameter,high tenacity... We have variety of materials under Esun brand. 

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Industrial grade 3D Printers at an affordable prize. As a high-tech manufacturing enterprise engaged in the production of advanced equipment, MINGDA has strong scientific research base and R & D strength.

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3D Printing simplified. A million possibility at a push of button. Get the most from your 3D printer, with a user friendly interface and 5 inch touch screen, touch your way through to create, build and print.

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The world's first mixed color FDM printer isun3d 230C / 680C , with color printing function, print model has a rich color and beauty. Learn more for mixed color printing.

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LTP 3D Pen

Draw in low temperature, safe to charge with USB design, non-toxic filament, compatible with mobile charger cable, one-click operation, light design.

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